Cremation Containers

A cremation container can be used by the family who wished a formal viewing  and is the container that the body is placed in for the cremation process. This can by the most economical option for those wishing something more. Cremation containers range from a mahogany unit to a rigid, leak resistant, combustible, corrugated box. Any wood casket would also be acceptable. Family Memorial Mortuary offers a rental casket, upon request for a fee.



Solid Poplar Satin Medium Sturbridge / Pink Crepe Interior




Solid Poplar Matte Medium Maple / Rosetan Crepe Interior




Fiberwood Laminated Medium Cherry Finish / Blue Crepe interior



Fiberwood Laminated Light White Oak Finish / Pink Crepe interior




Fiberwood Laminated Light Pine Finish / Ivory Crepe interior


Fiera Blue


Cardboard Blue Tabor / Blue Crepe Interior


Serene Steel


Cardboard Embossed Doe Steel / Ivory Crepe Interior


Serene Taupe

Cardboard Embossed Doe Taupe / Ivory Crepe Interior


Serene Silver

Cardboard Embossed Doe Silver / Ivory Crepe Interior



Cardboard Embossed Doe Steel / Ivory Crepe Interior




Cardboard Gray Flannel / Ivory Crepe Interior


First Step


Cardboard Woodgrain / Ivory Crepe Interior


Stainless Steel Caskets 18 Gauge Caskets 20 Gauge Caskets

Wood Caskets Cloth Covered Caskets – Green Caskets