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I didn’t make up my mind to survive; In fact, I wasn’t sure that I would. But gradually, gradually life seeps back in, And a few things begin to be good.How strange the events that sway us, Those decisions we never made; The turns we take often guided By gloom or wisdom or shade.And suddenly, there we are – living! Somehow the clouds seem to part And slowly we find ourselves inserted Back into life – a new start.Strange how reality conquers; It persists in the face of grief. Gradually memory softens And sorrow melts into relief. by Gail Cyccone
Living with Loss Magazine
Winter 2009

What to Expect >

If I could do what I wanted to do for you right now, I would make you feel normal. I would hold your hand as you told me of the feelings you are having inside, and I would say –

  • Yes, that is how it feels to be in grief.
  • Yes, that is a normal reaction.
  • Yes, as you progress through grief you have thoughts like that.

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Grief Counselors

We have been working closely with a couple that specializes in grief therapy, Tom and Anita of Fletcher Counseling.  They are there to help you develop the skills necessary to cope with your grief.  They give a free 30 minute consultation over the phone if you need someone to listen.  Please consider them as a resource.  They are located in Vancouver, Washington and their phone number is 360-524-5879.

Websites >

These links will help you locate Portland Area and national grief websites. Healing begins when you start to reach out. >>

Books We Like >

Sometimes we just need to hear that others are feeling the same way we are. We need to have our feelings validated and know we are not alone with the burden we carry. >>

Hospice Contacts >

Hospice is a program or facility that provides special care for people who are near the end of life and for their families. Hos- pice care can be provided at home, in a hospice or another free- standing facility, or within a hospital. >>